30-Day Pass
Discount Seniors (ages 60+)
Reload Only

A 30-day pass allows riders to access any route at any point during a 30-day period, all for one low price.

A 30-day pass is valid for 30 consecutive days from the first time it is activated onboard a vehicle.

Alternative Ways to Purchase:
Reduced fare 30-day passes for Seniors (ages 60+), disabled and medicare riders can be purchased at NAIPTA/Mountain Line Headquarters. A Reduced Fare Application may be required to obtain a Reduced Fare ID and purchase a reduced fare pass. Rider's name must be provided for all online sales.

All 30-day passes can be reloaded on any Mountain Line vehicle with exact change ($17) or at the Mountain Line Headquarters. Riders may also purchase a pass online at the reload price once an initial pass has been purchased. The new pass will be sent via mail and riders are asked to drop their old pass in the fare box once the new pass is activated.

Mountain Line 30-day passes are non-refundable, non-replaceable and non-transferrable. Each pass is issued with a receipt containing a serial number. If a pass is lost or stolen, report that serial number to the Mountain Line office and have the remaining days loaded onto a new pass for a $3 fee. Riders with a Reduced Fare monthly pass need to be prepared to show identification when requested by a driver.


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