College Student
Annual Pass

College Student Annual Passes allow qualifying students to access any route at any point during the duration of their pass. A “student” is anyone attending a university, college, technical school, or any other post-high school educational program. The Mountain Link route (Route 10 – Maroon thru campus) is free to NAU students with a University ID. The semester and annual passes are necessary for all non-NAU students and NAU students that use all other Mountain Line routes.

A College Student Annual Pass is valid for a one-year period from the date of purchase.

Alternative Ways to Purchase
College Student Passes can also be purchased at NAIPTA/Mountain Line Headquarters.

All Mountain Line College Student Passes are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Each pass is issued with a receipt containing a serial number. If a pass is lost or stolen, report that serial number to the Mountain Line office and have the remaining days loaded onto a new pass for a $3 fee. Those wishing to purchase any student pass must show proof of enrollment and be prepared to show identification when requested by a driver.

College Student Pass Requirements:
Purchasers of College Student Annual Passes are required to present a current school ID when using a school pass. The ID must have the student's name, a photo of student, and the school name. Students attending a school without an ID can present enrollment documentation at the main office for an ID issued by NAIPTA. A prior year's school ID is accepted thru October 31.

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