Mountain Line’s ecoPASS program enables Flagstaff employers and residential developments to provide all their employees or residents with an annual bus pass at a reduced rate. The goal is to encourage these employees and residents to help reduce traffic and parking issues while offering an affordable transportation option to use in their daily commute and personal lives.

The per-pass cost of the ecoPASS program is based on the total number of employees or residents. It is a sliding scale in which the more employees or residents an employer or development has, the lower the per-pass cost. Email to obtain specific pricing information for your workplace or development.

Program Details:
The ecoPASS program is a bulk discount pass program in which employers or developers purchase passes for all employees and residents, regardless of individual use of the program. The low per-pass cost of the program is generally more beneficial to an employer or developer than purchasing a full-cost pass for those who will ride the bus.

Mountain Line staff are available to conduct group or individual travel training with employees and residents. This includes training on how to read the schedule, use the real time arrival app, boarding and alighting, how to load a bike, and much more.