Heather Dalmolin
CEO & General Manager

Executive Department

Heather started at Mountain Line in 2002 as the Accounting Tech II and served as the Administrative Director before being appointed to the CEO and General Manager role in August 2020. The Executive Department serves as the liaison with the Board of Directors and Transit Advisory Committee and uses their guidance to develop and implement a strategic plan for all Mountain Line departments. Heather works closely with Mountain Line’s member agencies (City of Flagstaff, Coconino County, Coconino Community College and Northern Arizona University) to work toward a seamless delivery of transit services across the region. This department also spearheads the delivery of Mountain Line’s mission of “Getting You Where You Want To Go” and establishes a company culture that permeates the entire organization.

Kate Morley
Deputy General Manager

Planning & Development Department

Kate joined Mountain Line in 2015, starting as a Mobility Planner. As the Deputy General Manager she oversees the agency’s planning and development functions and provides leadership on state and federal transit issues. The Planning and Development Department combines data analysis with the needs of our real-world riders to establish future plans and capital investments. This Department coordinates with local government entities on the role of transit in overall regional planning and oversees Mobility Management activities. The Department is also responsible for grant writing and delivery of associated projects.

James Wagner
Operations Director

Operations Department

Jim oversaw the original Mountain Line launch in 2002 and rejoined the agency as Operations Director in 2006. The Operations Department is Mountain Line’s largest, comprised of the Bus and Paratransit Operations and Maintenance divisions. Mountain Line operates a robust maintenance program and maintains all of its own vehicles and stops, giving riders a higher level of comfort and reliability while using the Mountain Line system. The Operations Department also establishes the bus schedule and coordinates schedules for all operators, in addition to serving as the agency’s dispatch center.

Josh Stone
Management Services Director

Administrative Department

Josh started in Mountain Line’s Accounting Division in 2019 and assumed the Management Services Director role in 2022. The Administrative Department is comprised of the Human Resources, Accounting, IT, and Paratransit Eligibility functions. The Administrative Department oversees all human resources functions, including recruitment, workplace culture and policy. The Department is responsible for financials, including budgeting, accounting and procurement. On the compliance side, this Department ensures requirements of contracts, grants, and audits are met.

Jacki Lenners
Marketing & Communications Director

Marketing & Communications Department

Jacki joined Mountain Line in 2012 as the agency’s first in-house marketing and communications employee. The Marketing & Communications Department is charged with promoting Mountain Line and its services, garnering positive community and media support for the organization, providing in-person and telephone customer service, and developing all printed communication pieces, such as the Ride Guide. This department manages all of Mountain Line’s social media accounts, conducts community relations, and serves as the agency’s public information office. In addition, the Marketing & Communications Department coordinates the advertising sales program designed to utilize the highly visible space on Mountain Line’s buses as a cost recovery mechanism.

Sam Short
Safety & Training Manager

Safety & Training Department

Sam started at Mountain Line in 2007 as a Dispatcher before moving into the Safety & Training Manager role. The Safety & Training Department is responsible for Mountain Line’s mission-driven commitment to safety and the robust training program for transit drivers. Mountain Line has prioritized safety in all aspects of operations and maintenance with adopted policies and resources. The Safety Department monitors all incidents and accidents, identifies root causes, and introduces the necessary mitigation efforts to ensure continued safe operations. This department coordinated with our agency partners, including the Emergency Operations Center, to respond to community emergencies.