Report a Safety Issue

We all have the right to a safe ride. Search See Say to download the app today

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See Something? Say Something!

Help us keep Mountain Line safe! Download the See Say app to report security concerns and safety hazards onboard the bus and at bus stops and connection centers.

The app allows customers to submit a photo and description of the issue and select from a list of report options and locations.

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How to use the “See Say” app

  • Download the app for free from the Apple Store or Google Play store.
  • From the Select Organization menu, choose Transit, then select Mountain Line from the list.
  • Click on Report a Problem.
  • Add a photo, type in details, select a report type and location, and click the
    button if you prefer to remain anonymous.
  • Click on Send Report.

Other reporting options

Looking for a texting option? The Text-a-Tip number (928-220-3590) is a quick and easy way to submit your concerns. If you prefer to fill out an online form, click here.

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