Route 14 – Brown

Mountain Line Revised Schedules and Policies for Pandemic Response

Downtown Connection Center to Coconino Community College (via Lone Tree Rd.) and N. Milton Rd. (via Lake Mary Rd.)

Effective August 4, 2019: Route 14 Full Schedule

All-day 30-minute frequency

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Starting June 21, all riders will be required to wear a face covering on all Mountain Line vehicles and while at stops and connection centers.

Posted: 6/19/2020 | 4:06 pm

Route 14 – Brown Schedule

Downtown Connection Center to Coconino Community College(via Lone Tree Rd.) and N. Milton Rd. (via Lake Mary Rd.)

Weekday Regular Service:
6:14 a.m. to 10:09 p.m.
Weekday Peak Hour Service:
All-day 30-minute service
Weekend & Holiday Service:
All-day 30-minute service
  Monday - Friday Weekend / Holidays
Stop/Location First Bus Last Bus First Bus Last Bus
1. Depart Downtown Connection Center
Stop Code: 24
6:14A 9:44P 7:14A 7:44P
2. Butler Av. / San Francisco St.
Stop Code: 71
3. Butler Av. / Elden St.
Stop Code: 72
4. Lone Tree Rd. / Franklin Av.
Stop Code: 220
6:17A 9:47P 7:17A 7:47P
5. Lone Tree Rd. / Brannen Cir.
Stop Code: 221
6. Lone Tree Rd. / Pine Knoll Dr.
Stop Code: 222
7. Lone Tree Rd. (Coconino Community College)
Stop Code: 223
6:20A 9:50P 7:20A 7:50P
8. Zuni Dr. / Kofa Dr.
Stop Code: 224
9. Walapai Dr. / S. Yaqui Dr. (Forest Ridge Apartments)
Stop Code: 225
10. Walapai Dr. / Lake Mary Rd.
Stop Code: 226
6:25A 9:55P 7:25A 7:55P
11. Lake Mary Rd. / Mohawk Dr.
Stop Code: 227
12. Lake Mary Rd. / High Country Tr.
Stop Code: 228
13. Lake Mary Rd. / Beulah Blvd.
Stop Code: 229
14. Beulah Blvd. / (Olive Garden)
Stop Code: 13
6:30A 10:00P 7:30A 8:00P
15. Milton Rd. / I-17
Stop Code: 230
16. Milton Rd. / University Av. (Target)
Stop Code: 231
17. Milton Rd. / Plaza Way
Stop Code: 232
6:34A 10:04P 7:34A 8:04P
18. Milton Rd. / Butler Av.
Stop Code: 156
1. Arrive Downtown Connection Center
Stop Code: 24
6:37A - 7:37A -

Mountain Line will service each stop listed. Published times represent “time points” for on-time measurement and scheduled arrival. Estimate arrival times at other stops based on the elapsed time between “time points”.