Route 4 – Gold

Mountain Line Announces Service Changes & Return to Regular Service Hours

Downtown Connection Center to Lake Mary Rd. (via Milton Rd.) and Coconino Community College (via Lone Tree Rd.)

Effective August 9, 2020: Route 4 Full Schedule

Peak Service: 20-minute frequency
Off-Peak and Weekend/Holiday Service: 40-minute frequency

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Starting June 21, all riders will be required to wear a face covering on all Mountain Line vehicles and while at stops and connection centers.

Posted: 6/19/2020 | 4:06 pm

Route 4 – Gold Schedule

Downtown Connection Center to Lake Mary Rd. (via S. Milton Rd.) and Coconino Community College (via Lone Tree Rd.)

Weekday Regular Service:
6:05 p.m. - 10:13 p.m.
Weekday Peak Hour Service:
7:05 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Weekend & Holiday Service:
7:05 a.m. - 8:13 p.m.
  Monday - Friday Weekend / Holidays
Stop/Location First Bus Last Bus First Bus Last Bus
1. Depart Downtown Connection Center
Stop Code: 24
6:05A 9:45P 7:05A 7:45P
2. Milton Rd. (Taco Bell)
Stop Code: 209
3. Milton Rd. / University Av. (Wendy's)
Stop Code: 102
6:13A 9:53P 7:13A 7:53P
4. Milton Rd. / Forest Meadows St.
Stop Code: 103
5. Beulah Blvd. (Wal-Mart)
Stop Code: 8
6:17A 9:57P 7:17A 7:57P
6. Lake Mary Rd. / I-17 Underpass
Stop Code: 105
7. Lake Mary Rd. / High Country Tr.
Stop Code: 106
8. Lake Mary Rd. / Mohawk Dr.
Stop Code: 107
9. Walapai Dr./S. Yaqui St. (Forest Ridge Apts. South)
Stop Code: 108
6:21A 10:01P 7:21A 8:01P
10. Walapai Dr. / S Yaqui Dr. (Forest Ridge Apts. North)
Stop Code: 109
11. Zuni Dr. / Kofa Dr.
Stop Code: 110
12. Lone Tree Rd. (Coconino Community College)
Stop Code: 111
6:27A 10:07P 7:27A 8:07P
13. Lone Tree Rd. / Pine Knoll Dr.
Stop Code: 112
14. Bus stop not currently served
15. Lone Tree Rd. / Brannen Cir.
Stop Code: 114
16. Lone Tree Rd. / Franklin Av.
Stop Code: 115
6:30A 10:11P 7:31A 8:11P
17. Butler Av. / Elden St.
Stop Code: 98
18. Butler Av. / San Francisco St.
Stop Code: 99
1. Arrive Downtown Connection Center
Stop Code: 24
7:40P - 7:40A -

Mountain Line will service each stop listed. Published times represent “time points” for on-time measurement and scheduled arrival. Estimate arrival times at other stops based on the elapsed time between “time points”.