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The Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority (NAIPTA) operates the Mountain Line, Mountain Link and Mountain Lift transit systems, providing safe, affordable and reliable transportation to Flagstaff residents. These buses also offer some of the most visible and diverse advertising opportunities in this community.

NAIPTA services include:

  • Mountain Line: Fixed route service on eight routes across Flagstaff.
  • Mountain Link Articulated Bus: 60-foot bus that primarily services the Northern Arizona University campus and surrounding areas.
  • Mountain Lift: Origin-to-destination paratransit service for persons who are disabled and are unable to use Mountain Line.

Advertising Opportunities

  • Exterior Advertising: Mountain Line buses traverse Flagstaff for more than 16 hours a day, serving Flagstaff’s main corridors, business areas, Northern Arizona University campus, neighborhoods, and schools. Each bus features rear, curbside, and street-side advertising opportunities, offering advertisers a highly visible opportunity to reach a diverse and expansive cross-section of Flagstaff’s population.
  • Interior Advertising: Mountain Line currently has 25 buses in its fleet, all of which have “header” space to display signage which is visible to passengers sitting on the bus. This a cost-effective way to reach this valuable captive audience.

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