FLGRide Mobile App

Take Mountain Line with you on the go and you’ll have the power of real time arrival technology in the palm of your hand. The free FLGRide app lets you select your stop and see when the next bus will be there. Or you can use most any internet-enabled device to view real time arrival information on mountainline.az.gov.

No smartphone? No problem. Just use the texting feature to have upcoming arrival times sent right to your phone. Either way, Mountain Line’s mobile options will make your transit experience more predictable, enjoyable and reliable.

Mobile App

FLGRide lets you see exactly when the bus will arrive at your stop. Download the free app for your device:



(Requires iOS 8 or higher)


To see when your bus will arrive: simply open FLGRide, select the Route number you want to view, and then select the specific stop.

SMS Text Messaging

Please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives for more information:

  • (928) 779-6624
  • Monday thru Friday
  • 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thank you for your patience

How do I find my stop code?

To find a stop code, go to the Route Schedule and select a route. The stop code will be listed below each stop name.

Stop codes are also posted at each bus stop.