Service Alerts

We make every effort to operate on a regular schedule, but sometimes the weather, construction, accidents or a special event may cause a service disruption. If we know of something that may change one of our regular Mountain Line routes, or close a stop, we’ll post the information here.

Starting June 5: Beaver St. is closed for construction & Route 2 buses will use Humphreys St. Stop 27 at Beaver & Hunt is closed, temp stop available at Humphreys & Fine. Stop 28 at Beaver & Birch is closed, temp stop available at Humphreys & Birch.

Posted: 6/2/2017 | 1:06 pm

Starting May 22, Route 3 Stop 31 at Kendrick and Benton will be closed due to construction in the area. Please use the Downtown Connection Center.

Posted: 5/16/2017 | 2:05 pm