Winter Weather

Mountain Line is committed to “Getting You Where You Want To Go,” regardless of the weather conditions. We make every effort to operate on a regular schedule – rain, snow or shine. On rare occasions, it may be necessary to delay or cancel service, or reroute certain buses, in order to maintain the safety of our riders and operators. Riders can stay informed on the status of Mountain Line operations during winter storms by:

Severe Weather Conditions

If winter weather affects bus service, expect updates on this site, Twitter and on Facebook. If severe weather hits Flagstaff, please keep the following things in mind:

  • Our buses travel on City streets, so if there is slow traffic, our buses may be delayed as well. Plan ahead and take an earlier bus during inclement weather to ensure you make it where you need to be in a timely manner.
  • Dress for the elements if delays do occur, you want to be warm while waiting for the bus.
  • We make every effort to maintain stops and shelters during snowstorms, but please use caution, as sidewalks may be slick.
  • If it is a dark, snowy morning, try to do everything possible to make yourself seen by the driver, including wearing light-colored clothing and waving a flashlight or illuminated cell phone.

Snow Routes

When snow levels and road conditions dictate, Mountain Line may close certain bus stops for safety reasons. Road conditions change quickly in Flagstaff, and there are many factors that impact Mountain Line’s ability to service a stop. To eliminate confusion about stop status, once a stop is closed on a given day, it will remain closed until the end of service. The three most common Snow Routes are below, but additional stops may be closed, depending on conditions.