Reports & Plans

Mountain Line On Demand Feasibility Study

The purpose of the Mountain Line On-Demand Feasibility Study is to analyze the cost, considerations, and benefits of implementing an on-demand program within the Mountain Line boundary. On-demand transportation is defined as a flexible, real-time hailed transportation option which utilizes emerging technologies and private sector partnerships. The document provides recommendations to implement such programs.

Mountain Line On Demand Feasibility Study

Mountain Line Transit Guidelines

Mountain Line Transit Guidelines provides an objective and consistent criterion for Mountain Line staff and its partners to evaluate transit service and related facilities for new developments and roadway projects. This document provides information regarding transit oriented development best practices, bus stop placement, facilities design, tools for enhancing transit corridors, ecoPASS, and more.

Mountain Line Transit Guidelines

Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization & NAIPTA Coordinated Public Transit – Human Services Transportation Plan

The Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization and NAIPTA Coordinated Public Transit – Human Services Transportation Plan serves as a framework to improve coordination among transportation services and identifies transportation gaps and strategies to better serve senior and people with disabilities.

FMPO Coordinated Public Transit Human Services Transportation Plan

Five-Year Transit Plans

NAIPTA conducted an extensive public planning process in 2013 to develop a Five-Year and Long-Range Transit Plan. As of February 2017, a new plan is under development, and links to the documents used in the planning process are below.

2017 Choices Report

2017 Five-Year Transit Plan

Year in Review Reports

Get a snapshot of NAIPTA’s accomplishments, highlights, statistics and ridership trends for the entire fiscal year.

Fiscal Year 2019   Fiscal Year 2018   Fiscal Year 2017   

US 180 Implementation Plan

NAIPTA’s US 180 Implementation Plan is a partnership between NAIPTA, Coconino County, City of Flagstaff, US Forest Service, Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau, Arizona Snowbowl and the Arizona Department of Transportation to address winter recreation congestion.

The US 180 Implementation Plan identifies the cost and impact of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) measures that can be implemented to reduce winter congestion along U.S. 180.

Project Scope

Project Status Update

U.S. 180 Implementation Plan | 2018

Ridership Reports

Tracking monthly ridership trends across all NAIPTA services allows the organization to set benchmarks and compare ridership over time to look for trends and opportunities for growth.

Mountain Line & Mountain Link Ridership

Mountain Line Ridership Trend by Route

Mountain Lift Paratransit Ridership

Mountain Lift Taxi Voucher Program

Mountain Line Vanpool

Strategic Work Plan

In conjunction with the Board of Directors and the Transit Advisory Committee, the NAIPTA CEO & General Manager establishes an annual Strategic Work Plan to guide the agency’s activities, budget and programs.

2019 Strategic Work Plan

Annual Reports

As required by the Federal Transit Administration, NAIPTA produces an Annual Report each fiscal year to outline accomplishments, achievements and highlights from the year. In addition, NAIPTA also produces a snapshot each year, offering a one-page look at the agency’s performance.

Fiscal Year 2019   Fiscal Year 2018   Fiscal Year 2017

Financial Audit Reports

As required by the Federal Transit Administration, NAIPTA contracts with a third party to conduct a financial audit each year, and the results are presented to the Board of Directors.

Fiscal Year 2018   Fiscal Year 2017   Fiscal Year 2016