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Reports & Plans

Montana line: Year in Review, 12 months and growing strong.

Year in Review Reports

Get a snapshot of Mountain Line’s accomplishments, highlights, statistics and ridership trends for the entire fiscal year.

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Strategic Work Plan 2013-2015.

Strategic Work Plan

In conjunction with the Board of Directors and the Transit Advisory Committee, Mountain Line establishes a Strategic Work Plan to guide the agency’s activities, budget and programs.

2020-2025 Strategic Plan

A fleet of buses, embodying corporate governance with the words "getting you where you want to go.

Annual Reports

As required by the Federal Transit Administration, Mountain Line produces an Annual Report each fiscal year to outline accomplishments, achievements and highlights from the year. In addition, Mountain Line also produces a snapshot each year, offering a one-page look at the agency’s performance.

Fiscal Year 2023    Fiscal Year 2022   Fiscal Year 2021

Zero emission bus implementation plan.

Zero Emissions Bus (ZEB) Transition Plan

The Mountain Line Board of Directors adopted the ZEB Transition Plan in January 2021. Phase One modeled battery electric and fuel-cell electric buses on Mountain Line routes and hours of service and incorporated Flagstaff’s topography, climate, and utility rate structure. Phase Two of the ZEB Transition Plan provided a detailed implementation plan of battery electric buses.

Phase One: Fleet Technology Analysis

Phase Two: Detailed Implementation Plan of Battery Electric Buses

A pie chart showing the percentage of revenue in financial audit reports.

Financial Audit Reports

As required by the Federal Transit Administration, Mountain Line contracts with a third party to conduct a financial audit each year, and the results are presented to the Board of Directors.

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Fiscal Year 2020 Fiscal Year 2019 Fiscal Year 2018

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Legislative Priorities

Each year, Mountain Line sets federal, state, and local legislative priorities that aid in achieving agency and industry objectives.

2023   2022   2021

A blue and white bus reported in Ridership Reports.

Planning Studies and Reports

Mountain Line’s Planning Department develops several short-term and long-range planning documents that guide many of the agency’s activities, policies, and initiatives.

Mountain Line Kaspar Headquarters Master Plan

On Demand Feasibility Study

Mountain Line Transit Guidelines

Coordinated Public Transit Human Services Transportation Plan

2023 Flagstaff in Motion, A Community Transit Plan

2022 Mountain Line Sustainability Plan