Mountain Lift

In cooperation with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Federal Transit Authority, Mountain Lift provides an “ADA Guaranteed Ride Area”. This is an origin to destination, demand-responsive paratransit service that mirrors Mountain Line fixed-route service in terms of service times and areas. The service is only for those people with disabilities who do not have the functional ability to ride fixed-route buses, either permanently or under certain conditions. This service aims to promote independence, integration and self-sufficiency.

Mountain Lift is a shared-ride program, meaning multiple individuals’ trips are grouped together in an effort to meet all trip requests and improve efficiency. Each trip requires an advance reservation and is provided without regard to the purpose of the trip. All trips are origin to destination. Additional assistance is provided in some situations.

In order to qualify for Mountain Lift Paratransit Services all applicants must go through an eligibility determination process. The process consists of submitting an application which includes a self-assessment, a professional verification of functional ability and an in-person interview with a Mobility Specialist. A determination will be rendered within 21 days of receipt of a completed application.

Paratransit Guide

Click on the link below to download the Paratransit Guide.

Paratransit Guide