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Route 10 To Detour Around McConnell Rd. Construction

A map with the words route 10 closed, route 10 detour tamp stops, and route 10 detour tamp stops.

FLAGSTAFF, AZ (April 8, 2020) – Starting April 13, 2020, Mountain Line’s Route 10 will detour to Milton Rd. due to the Arizona Department of Transportation’s (ADOT) closure of McConnell Dr. at the Interstate 17 on-ramp.

The transit detour is anticipated to last through August 17, 2020 and the following Route 10 stops will be closed:

  • Stops 7 and 14 at the Social & Behavioral Sciences building
  • Stops 6 and 15 at Gabaldon Hall

When leaving the Woodlands Village area, Route 10 buses will continue on Beulah Blvd. past McConnell Dr., turning right on Forest Meadows St. and left on Milton Rd. When exiting the NAU campus to return to Woodlands Village, buses will use University Dr. to Milton Rd. See attached map for full routing information. The following temporary stops will be available:

  • NAU or Downtown-bound Route 10 riders can access the existing Route 14, Stop 15 at Milton Rd. and Interstate 17 (Mobil).
  • Woodlands Village-bound Route 10 riders can access the existing Route 4, Stop 4 at Milton Rd. and Forest Meadows St.
  • Temporary east and westbound stops will be established on the NAU campus on University Dr. west of the Knoles Dr. intersection.

Riders who want to access NAU south campus via transit can exit Mountain Line at the University Dr. and Knoles Dr. temporary stop and board the NAU Axe Light route at the Wilson Hall or Gabaldon stops. Riders who typically use an impacted bus stop but would have difficulty accessing the temporary stops due to a disability, can request a reasonable modification by calling 928.679.8911 or emailing transportation@naipta.az.gov.