Service Alerts

We make every effort to operate on a regular schedule, but sometimes the weather, construction, accidents or a special event may cause a service disruption. If we know of something that may change one of our regular Mountain Line routes, or close a stop, we’ll post the information here.

Starting May 22, Route 3 Stop 31 at Kendrick and Benton will be closed due to construction in the area. Please use the Downtown Connection Center.

Posted: 5/16/2017 | 2:05 pm

Route 10 will operate on its summer schedule from May 13 – Aug. 20. See the online Ride Guide for a complete schedule.

Posted: 5/12/2017 | 1:05 pm

Starting May 3: Lockett Rd. will be closed for construction for an extended period of time. Buses will travel on Linda Vista Dr., via Fanning Dr. and King St. Stop closures and temp stops:

  • Stop 11 (Lockett & Alta Vista eastbound) Closed: Use temp stop on the south side of Linda Vista & Alta Vista
  • Stop 12 (Lockett & Fanning eastbound) Closed: Use Temp stop on the east side of Fanning, north of Lockett
  • Stops 19 (Lockett & Manor westbound) and 20 (Lockett & Alta Vista westbound) Closed: Use temp stop on the north side of Linda Vista & Alta Vista.
Posted: 4/28/2017 | 3:04 pm

Due to NAU construction, Route 10 will detour off Knoles/University and use Pine Knoll beginning Dec. 17. Buses will miss Stops 5, 6, 15, and 16, but will stop at all Campus Shuttle Stops on Pine Knoll and at a temp stop on the southern end of the transit spine.

Posted: 12/15/2016 | 12:12 pm