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Flagstaff voters approve Proposition 411, Mountain Line funding continues

The logo for mountain line public transit.

FLAGSTAFF, AZ (November 8, 2016) – The results of the November 8 general election have been tabulated, and Flagstaff voters have approved a continuation of the Mountain Line transit tax through 2030, with 71 percent of voters in support.

The current transit tax sunsets in 2020, and Flagstaff City Council voted to put Proposition 411 on the November 2016 ballot, asking voters to decide if the tax should be continued at the same rate for 10 more years. The approval of Proposition 411 means that Mountain Line can continue providing public transit in Flagstaff, at the current level, through 2030.

“On behalf of the NAIPTA Board of Directors, I would like to thank Flagstaff voters for once again placing their confidence in Mountain Line and realizing the importance of public transit,” said NAIPTA Board Chair and Coconino County Supervisor Art Babbott. “The services Mountain Line provides are vital to this community, and the approval of Proposition 411 is a critical component of a viable and effective regional transportation system.”

“Our staff works diligently to embody our mission of “Getting You Where You Want to Go,” and we are honored that Flagstaff voters have voiced their approval of our work,” said NAIPTA CEO & General Manager Jeff Meilbeck. “Mountain Line has a proven track record of efficiency, ingenuity, and delivering on our promises, and we intend on carrying that commitment forward with the approval of Proposition 411.”

NAIPTA is the transit agency in northern Arizona operating the Mountain Line, Mountain Lift and Mountain Link systems in Flagstaff. NAIPTA also coordinates services with Campus Shuttle Service at Northern Arizona University.