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Mountain Line Partners with Flagstaff Family Food Center on Deliveries

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FLAGSTAFF, AZ (May 6, 2020) – Beginning this week, Mountain Line is partnering with the Flagstaff Family Food Center (FFFC) to deliver food to vulnerable and homebound residents.

Due to decreased demand for paratransit trips, Mountain Line has paratransit vehicles available to help fill FFFC’s increased demand for food delivery. In this new partnership, Mountain Line will provide the vehicle and driver on an as-needed basis, while FFFC will provide a volunteer to ride along and facilitate the deliveries.

“Mountain Line plays many roles in our community, but the most important thing we can do is be a good partner,” said Mountain Line CEO & General Manager Heather Dalmolin. “We are moving fewer people right now, but that doesn’t mean our vehicles have to sit idle and can’t be used for a more relevant purpose during this pandemic event.”

“The best way for people to stay safe right now is to stay home. We are committed to making sure that our community members have the food they need during this time,” said FFFC Executive Director Monica Foos. “Mountain Line is helping us meet the significant increase in home deliveries. This partnership is helping us better serve our community and keep our most vulnerable neighbors safe and healthy.”

Mountain Line continues to operate reduced service levels and is available for essential trips only. Visit www.mountainline.az.gov/health for full details on the agency’s COVID-19 response.

Mountain Line is the transit agency in northern Arizona operating fixed route bus service on nine routes, paratransit service, vanpool, and seasonal Mountain Express service to Arizona Snowbowl.